The following testimonials are published with full permission from former clients:

When we first saw Tayeba my Daughter and I were going through a very upsetting and difficult time. I was really scared for my daughter and as a parent I just wanted to fix her.  We were both suffering with anxiety related problems. Over the course of a few months, Tayeba worked with both of us individually. We both felt completely supported and we have leant how to cope better, rethink, communicate & listen to each other a whole lot more, and, as a result, our relationship has grown and the difference I can see in my daughter is amazing. Our home is a much happier place thanks to Tayeba.

Mother and Daughter


I was in need of a therapist who could help me overcome an emotional and traumatic experience. After reviewing about 5 possible individuals I decided Tayeba’s skillset was best suited for what I needed. I was very nervous getting in touch with Tayeba because this was the first time I had needed to use a therapist. Having initially contacted her via email, Tayeba arranged a face to face meeting as soon as she could fit me in. I was very apprehensive attending the first session, not knowing what to expect, but Tayeba quickly calmed my nerves and helped me settle into the session.



Following the initial assessment, Tayeba identified that I was experiencing mild PTSD and recommended EMDR treatment. I initially struggled but Tayeba tweaked the process so it worked for me. EMDR is a little strange at first and I wondered how it would help, but Tayeba talked through the theory of it with me and made it clear that for this to work I had to want it to work. I understood what she had explained and wanted to get through my issues so committed to it 100%. I am pleased to say that the treatment was successful and I now feel over the issue I was struggling with.



Tayeba is a competent and considerate therapist. She made me feel comfortable in each session that I attended. I would certainly recommend her services to anyone.

Male (39)


I found my time in therapy with Tayeba extremely beneficial. During my therapy, I was treated for PTSD, anxiety and depression. Not only did Tayeba help me overcome my symptoms of PTSD, she helped reduce my anxiety and depression, whilst also giving me the skills to handle these on my own when issues arose. She gave me the help needed during my A Level exams, and also went the extra mile in ensuring I got special consideration, which helped relieve my stress further; and I truly believe that I owe my success in my exams largely to the help given by Tayeba. She created a very calming yet professional environment, where I felt more than comfortable to open up.

Not only did she treat me for the reasons I sought help from her, she addressed separate issues that we discovered together throughout the course of the therapy.

I cannot recommend Tayeba enough, a year later and the methods she has used, and the skills she has taught me are still helping me in every day life.

Female (19)


I would just like to thank Tayeba for all her help during my sessions with her. I started very sceptical around what therapy could do for me and more than a little scared of how I would feel. I can honestly say Tayeba took things at a steady pace making sure I was ok at every stage. I had never discussed my abuse with anyone before and Tayeba helped me feel that I no longer needed to feel like a victim and that things where not my fault so to speak. Tayeba helped me develop a safe place to use whenever I felt anxious. I sincerely wish I had gone to Tayeba years ago – I think my life might have made a bit more sense.  Thank you Tayeba for everything.

Female (59)


I had a number of elective surgeries, a surgical menopause and a few health scares over a period of about four years and I had felt anxious all the time. I remember being very overwhelmed by work travel and get frustrated over small things like house work. I also realised that I hadn’t really felt anything for years. Tayeba did talking therapy and EMDR with me and it worked so incredibly well, i can only describe it like a deep guided meditation. She was wonderful. After around 35 sessions (which I did quite intensively) I felt well again. So well that I now have more gumption and confidence than ever. I went back to work and got a huge promotion, my marriage is better and life is great. To have done that with zero medication is marvellous. Thank you Tayeba .

Anon (40)


Before I went to Tayeba, my only experience of therapy was CBT and I found that it didn’t work for me and I had started to lose faith in therapy altogether. Thankfully, I decided to give therapy another go and came across Tayeba online.

Before my first session, I had never heard of EMDR therapy but Tayeba explained it to me thoroughly and I found it very easy to get into. I am honestly shocked by how much I have changed after seeing Tayeba for just under a year. After struggling with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember, I am finally in a place where I feel settled and strong. Of course I do still have my off days but Tayeba has given me the tools and a space to deal with days like these in a healthy, proactive way.

Tayeba offers a safe, judgement-free environment where I have felt comfortable discussing a myriad of personal issues, some of which I have never spoken about before. I would recommend Tayeba to anybody that is struggling, I can’t sing her praises enough!

Female (25)


I was very reluctant to start therapy, I had thought about it many times but was concerned, that, among other things, I would find it too awkward or too painful. Tayeba was very patient and kind and explained the EMDR process and made sure I was as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

After speaking through some of my past experiences and my present-day emotional concerns we agreed that EMDR therapy would be a good choice for me. Through a combination of sessions talking through my experiences and feelings and EMDR – where eye movements are used while thinking about difficult memories- I was able to get past some really difficult prior experiences that had an influence on my daily life many years later.

After about two years I stopped therapy- we both agreed it was the right time.

Feeling anxious is sometimes a very reasonable response to a situation and I do still get anxious, but is much less frequent (fewer triggers), almost always to a lesser degree and most importantly I have better tools for coping with it now.

Female (39)


I saw Tayeba for around 7 months. I was apprehensive about going to therapy at first but Tayeba put me at ease straight away. I was experiencing panic attacks and it took only a few months before they had stopped. I felt like I left therapy a different person. Tayeba was friendly, professional, experienced and comforting. It’s changed my perspective of therapy completely. It made me a better stronger person.

Female (31)


I first met Tayeba in June 2019 following the death of my 18-month-old son Henry. Henry was born with Noonan Syndrome, following a very difficult pregnancy.  He had a heart condition and spent 2 months on the NICU.  I had already been struggling with my emotions, but Henry had turned in to a happy, healthy toddler who was thriving.  His death was sudden, unexpected and preventable, leaving my family and I completely traumatised and devastated.

In the months after Henry’s death, I found myself extremely irritable and moody. I was finding it very difficult to manage my emotions, and was increasingly concerned about how this was affecting my relationships, particularly with my wife and young daughter, who were also dealing with their own devastation.

After discussions with my wife, I decided to seek counselling. I am generally a very strong minded and driven character but I knew something was not right in my mind and I needed to get help. I initially contacted a few counsellors to speak with them and gauge which one to choose.  Tayeba was very caring and understanding from the beginning. I found it very easy to talk with her, which instantly made me comfortable to choose her as my therapist.

Tayeba is extremely experienced in this field, and you could see that in the way she listened to my problems and made decisions about the best route for assessment and therapy. It is so important to find someone you feel comfortable with as that allows you to relax and speak openly about your emotions and trauma.

Following a few assessments and talking sessions, Tayeba suggested EMDR treatment. I did not know much about EMDR but was willing to try anything to help. Over a period of 9 months, I have come a long, long way.  I am now much better able to control my emotions and how I respond to them. I will always remember Tayeba’s simple description of EMDR; she told me it is like arranging your mind like a filing cabinet, once under control it allows you to pick emotions out when you want, rather than them popping out at any time, as they had been previously.

My emotions were all over the place when I first started my counselling, but I now feel in control of them, rather than the other way around. Choosing Tayeba as my therapist is the single most helpful thing I have done to help manage my grief, and I would highly recommend EMDR therapy, and particularly Tayeba, to anyone in a similar situation.

Male (43)


My 16 year old daughter attended sessions with Tayeba for a period of about 6 months in 2019. Following a traumatic experience in the home she developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. General counselling seemed to be ineffective in helping with this. After a simple google search of local child therapists I was lucky enough to find Tayeba’s details. She responded very promptly to my initial enquires and was able to offer weekly appointments.
My daughter underwent a therapy called EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing.)Thankfully this has made a huge difference and we all feel she no longer displays any of the symptoms of PTSD.

I am a medical professional myself but not a child psychologist. I was at a loss how to help my daughter and will remain forever grateful for her invaluable help. Needless to say I would not hesitate in recommending her services.



After being involved in the immediate aftermath of the Manchester Arena Bombing I found myself struggling to cope with PTSD but not wanting to accept that I had a problem. I was put in touch with Tayeba in the days following the attack and found her really easy to talk to, comforting and approachable. After an initial period of counselling I believed all was well and I had stopped seeing Tayeba. It was only 12 months later on the anniversary of the Manchester Arena Bombing that I began to feel the strain of the PTSD again, I knew I had Tayeba’s contact details and so decided to get back in touch in the hope she could help again. After of couple of sessions I began a course of EDMR therapy. I had always been really sceptical of these treatments but went in with an open mind, safe to say I was blown away by how much this treatment helped me to overcome the PTSD and feeling of guilt I had built up since the attack. It has helped me regain my confidence, stay calm in stressful situations and put things into a positive perspective. The two biggest and most important changes were seen at work and at home. I can’t thank Tayeba enough for helping me to gain a promotion at work through increasing my self-belief and improve my family life. I still use the coping techniques I learned from her now.

Male (36)


Following the passing away of mum, I was struggling with anxiety, low mood and insomnia.  I saw Tayeba on a weekly basis and found her sessions professional yet relaxed. I felt comfortable opening up to Tayeba about my problems relating to the passing of my mum and past issues in my life which needed untangling. Tayeba carried out the EMDR technique, which involving tapping and eye movements which made a huge impact on the traumatic experiences I was struggling with.  I am now much happier and comfortable with life and credit this to my sessions with Tayeba.  Very much recommend.

Female (46)


I started working with Tayeba using the EMDR approach initially after the Manchester Arena Attack.

During this time we worked through the trauma that was a direct cause of what had happened however other issues surfaced which I wasn’t ready to work on.

However, then in 2019 I had a breakdown and struggled to go about my day to day life. I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and Depression by my GP and I consequently got back in contact with Tayeba as I felt I had built up a rapport previously and felt comfortable with her.

We started working through several problems I was dealing with, one of which I had been struggling with since being a child – problems relating to my stomach/bowel. I would constantly take Imodium tablets even if I was only going to the football.

The results of EMDR were amazing. I suddenly found I wasn’t using/feeling the need to use the Imodium tablets and was comfortable attending all sorts of events that previously would have been a real challenge for me (food festivals, holidays, football matches etc.) The result was something I never thought possible.

Not only did Tayeba help via EMDR she also gave me different techniques to help me cope when my anxiety peaked which I have found to be very useful and calming.

I can’t thank Tayeba enough for the positive effect she has had on my life over the past few years!

Male (30)


As a counsellor myself Tayeba made me more aware and able to acknowledge my own self care in a way I had not realised before.  She helped me personally and professionally with some deep rooted issues that were impacting on my day to day to day life. I would recommend her to friends, family and colleagues.

Male (42)


Tayeba’s therapeutic support for my daughter was extremely helpful at a very difficult time for her.  My daughter was suffering with exam/performance anxiety, which generalised into a lack of confidence, self-esteem and depression.  Sessions with Tayeba acted as a life line for her and always acted as an anchor that got her through another week. She also learnt a lot about herself and developed strategies to help her in school and at difficult times. Recently, my daughter told me that she noticed an improvement in her sleep after seeing Tayeba for a few weeks.

I have absolutely no doubt that Tayeba’s therapeutic support for my daughter prevented her from becoming more depressed and anxious and helped her to manage her daily life.  As a parent I felt appropriately informed and I was pleased that my daughter had the opportunity to talk in confidence, to someone I trusted.

Parent of daughter (15)


EMDR therapy was recommended for me and I was quite skeptical when I started. But I stuck with it as I really wanted it to work. All my skepticism was quickly dismissed within a few sessions. I felt so different by the completion of my sessions. In a way that I can’t really quantify but friends and colleagues also noticed the difference but couldn’t specify what it was. Tayeba is a fantastic therapist and I am forever grateful for this treatment.

Male (36)


When I first started my appointments with Tayeba I found life really stressful, depressing and not enjoyable through a lifetime of routines I had in place so I could ease the worries and stresses in my mind.
Within 3 or 4 sessions I could feel the stresses and protection routines start to lift. Within 8 sessions I felt completely different about myself and my life. My life now is brilliant. The stresses have gone and a chilled out and happy way of thinking has taken over. I can’t thank Tayeba enough!

Male (39)


I started seeing Tayeba in October 2019 for trauma therapy after being assaulted. I wasn’t sleeping and when I was I had night terrors; I had crippling Anxiety, PTSD and Depression. We were able to work through a lot of this, and the EMDR was a massive help. I was sceptical to continue with EMDR remotely during lockdown, however this didn’t affect the therapy at all and I’m so glad I decided to give it a chance.

Anon, Female (22)


I was a victim of human trafficking. I managed to escape but suffered from depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, disassociation and I also tried to commit suicide 3 times. I lived in fear and the thought of life not worth living just grew and grew. I felt trapped, even though I was free physically, my mind was still in a prison and in captivity within itself. I had tried counselling before but it didn’t work – I was taking one step forward and two steps back in my pain and traumas.

At first, I was in doubt if EMDR therapy would work. It was really hard to think about what that had happened to me. One day I was doing the EMDR therapy with Tayeba and all of a sudden it was like a eureka moment when suddenly in one moment I felt all my burdens lift and I began to feel better. I felt strong – like I was reborn. I felt my traumas of the past were not in control of me. I was a new person, free of the past and started to look more at the present and future.

The best thing that happened to me in almost 4 years was the EMDR therapy – when I had that moment of overwhelming realisation that lead me to move on.

Female (26)


I’d heard fantastic reviews about EMDR and hoped it would help me in some way but could never have imagined just how much it would change my life.  I processed things which I didn’t even realise were still impacting me.  I cannot put into words how much I have benefited from this process and cannot thank Tayeba enough for everything that she has done.  I would highly recommend Tayeba as a therapist.

Female (38)


My therapy started during the first lockdown period this year – I’m sure a time when we were all feeling low, but I hadn’t even considered depression or anxiety, just that I knew I didn’t want to feel the way I did, whatever that was. I would struggle to find any motivation to even get up in the morning, I hated my job, couldn’t deal with social interaction, I couldn’t look forward to anything in my life, there was always this thick heavy cloud following me, taunting me, pushing me to my emotional limits from my lows to the hysterics, to the complete emptiness of no emotion at all, it wasn’t a healthy place to be, but I almost felt as though I didn’t earn these feelings, they weren’t warranted; there were people who had been through so much more than me. Eventually I decided to listen to the people closest to me and consider therapy, not wanting to go down the road of medication I felt I should give this a shot. My time with Tayeba has given me the strength to deal with work, to stay calm, to actually like myself and to forgive my mistakes. I am looking to my future with positivity and motivation and I understand now that depression or anxiety isn’t earnt, it can affect anyone at any time for any reason, and that’s ok – it’s what you do about it that matters. In the 6 months with Tayeba I have gained the skills to keep my emotions where I want them to be and to find peace when I need it. I have even learnt methods for better sleep, and how to best reach my goals in my career. You get so much more than therapy – Tayeba is a lovely person to talk to and to trust and I am truly thankful for her work with me.

To anyone who is struggling, who doesn’t know where to turn to, who can’t believe in themselves, or is feeling low, anxious, stripped of themselves and positivity in their life; definitely consider EMDR and definitely with Tayeba. Thank you Tayeba for all your help!



I started seeing Tayeba in March 2019, and my life has been completely different since. I was suffering with a range of mental health issues following the passing of my mother a few years before. I had no idea what EMDR therapy was until I met Tayeba, but I knew after one session that it was really going to help me.

Processing trauma is always hard work but Tayeba couldn’t have been more supportive and kind. She guided me through EMDR and all that comes with it, and a year and a half later our work together came to a close.

The effect this therapy has had on my life is immeasurable, and Tayeba has enabled me to be able to move on from my trauma and live a healthy and happy life. I will forever be grateful for all she has done for me, she has truly changed my life.

The decision to seek support was one I put off making for many years, but it was without a doubt the best thing I could have done for myself and my loved ones. I am now able to enjoy my 20’s like anyone else – something I thought impossible not too long ago.

Female (25)


I was treated a while ago and i just wanted to say a huge thank you to you Tayeba. I’m doing a lot better now than I was and the coping mechanisms you gave me help me literally everyday. I was just using the alphabet names one on the tram today and I thought I wouldn’t even be able to get on the tram in the first place if it wasn’t for you – so thank you very very much.

Female (17)


I finished a series of sessions with Tayeba recently around two issues from my past that were causing problems in present day life. Working with Tayeba was very easy as she is professional, reliable and non judgemental.
Tayeba helped me to understand myself and be a bit kinder to myself and through the strategies we used, I am now able to think about what happened in my past, more clearly. I can watch programmes around the topic without turning off or having a big emotional reaction and I can even have calm conversations with family members about what happened and for the first time, I can listen to how it felt for them. It feels amazing and the therapy was very straight forward.